Shree Yantra

SHREE YANTRA : It belongs to Laxmi and the user is bestowed with Laxmi; Finance.It is the most powerful yantra in the world and has many functions like: to help in Business , increasing the Finance, getting rid of Drusthy and the most important functionof it is to make Laxmi or Money stagnant. It helps to Store the Money. It increses the Income and reduces the Expenditure. All together it helps to increase the Financial outlook. It should be compulsorily used in every House and Business Frim.

The good process of Sudhi and making the yantra more powerful is using PANCHA-GAVYA; 5 Extracts of the Cow : 1.Urine 2.Milk 3.Ghee 4.Curd 5.Cow- Dung. The cleaning of this yantra in the above mentioned items in 5-days respectively starting on Sunday with Urine. Collect the Cow’s Urine in a copper or steel plate and place the yantra on Sunday morning and leave it till next morning. Change Urine to Milk and so on till Thursday,when the Pancha-Gavya is totally used.