Putri Vivah Yantra

PUTRI VIVAH YANTRA : The pooja of this yantra gives good match to the girl who worships this yantra for 90-Days. Take a wooden stool of less height and wash it with fresh water. Write Tilak of Haldi and Sindoor to it.Spread new Red cloth over it. Spread on cooked rice mixed with Haldi over it.Purify the yantra with coconut water or gangajal and place it over the cloth.Lit dhoop-deep. Sprinkle flowers. Recite the mantra one time: ” MAMA MANA VANCHITA VARA PRAPTIYARDHAM POOJAM KARISIYE “.Then recite the mantra 108 times: ” OM SAM SUKRAYE NAMAHA “. It is practically proved and is very effective.